Frickles Lawn and Landscape

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has your landscaping company been in business?

Our landscaping company has been in business since 2013. However, our owner has been in the landscaping industry for over 10 years.

Is your landscaping company licensed and insured?

Yes, our landscaping company is licensed and insured.

What type of equipment do you use?

Our landscaping contractors have access to the very best equipment. The best part about hiring our landscaping company is that we have everything we need for any project including:

• Mowers
• Trimmers
• Fertilizer spreaders
• Weed sprayers
• Trailers
• Shovels
• Wheel barrels
• And More!

Do your landscape services include clean up (for example grass clippings)?

Yes, our landscape services include clean up. We clean up after each and every residential or commercial landscaping job to ensure that your property is looking top notch!

What are some of the most common yard diseases and weeds in the area?

The Billings, MT area has a number of different yard diseases and weeds. During different times of the year our landscape company will see spikes in the frequency of different types diseases and weeds growing in your yard. For example, in the spring time there is an increase in dandelions and mushrooms.