Make Sure Your Lawn is Hydrated and Healthy

Contact us for sprinkler installation & maintenance in Billings, Montana

Installing an automated sprinkler system at your commercial or residential property can wildly improve the look and health of your lawn. Frickle's Lawn and Landscape can perform new installation, repair and upgrades of sprinkler systems for customers throughout the Billings, Montana area. We trust local suppliers and their high-quality equipment for use by our own clients.

When you call our team for new installation, you can expect us to:

•Evaluate the size and current health of your lawn
•Consider the type of grass you have, location of trees, etc.
•Incorporate a system, with the right amount of sprinklers for optimal health

Sprinker repair and maintenance

Sprinker repair and maintenance

For repairs and upgrades, our team will come evaluate the current set-up you have and provide an appropriate solution. This can include moving sprinklers or replacing old sprinklers with more efficient ones. Furthermore, an efficient and effective sprinkler system can provide:

•More efficient use of water when watering your lawn
•Increased property value and curb appeal
•Increased water retention and maintenance of plant life

You can rely on our experienced landscape company to provide you with a well-designed irrigation system for your residential or commercial property. To install a sprinkler system at your Billings, Montana property call Frickle's Lawn and Landscape today!