Are You Ready For Summer?

Are You Ready For Summer?

Summer yard clean up services in Billings, MT

Frickles Lawn & Landscape of Billings, MT is a full service landscaping company. In addition to our regular lawn maintenance and landscape design services we also provide seasonal summer cleanup to homeowners and business owners across Billings.

As the snow starts to melt and the warm summer days are nearing it is important that you take the necessary steps to prep your lawn for the new season. Our landscaper provides both dethatching and core aeration for lawns which are two of the most important parts of lawn care.

Dethatching is the process of removing:

  • Dead grass
  • Debris
  • Roots

During the winter months your lawn sees a buildup in debris between the soil surface and grass. If this is ignored then your grass will not grow back properly in the summer.

Aeration is a technique used to help nutrients absorb in the soil. Our landscaper will perforate the soil with small holes which will allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate easier. As an end result you will have a healthier and lusher lawn!

Don’t wait to get your lawn and yard ready for summer! Contact our landscape company today to get started on your next landscaping or lawn care project!